Why do customers prefer to use Galanta?


Why do customers prefer to use Galanta?

Customers are able to view, track, redeem loyalty and rewards from all their favorite loyalty programs through a single app which increases the uptake and engagement for your loyalty program. We have outlined three main reasons why customers want to use Galanta.


Convenience and Accessibility: 

  • Managing multiple loyalty programs is time-consuming. By aggregating loyalty programs onto a single app, customers can access all their rewards and benefits in one place. 
  • This streamlines the process, making it more convenient and accessible. Customers no longer need to carry numerous physical loyalty cards or remember multiple login credentials for various program websites or apps. 


Enhanced Personalisation and Recommendations: 

  • A unified loyalty app has the potential to gather data from multiple programs, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the customer's preferences, and behavior. 
  • Galanta offers a level of personalization that creates a more engaging and satisfying experience. Have you ever felt like you have no idea where to eat for dinner? Say no more!


Benchmarking their spending & savings: 

  • With a single app, customers can see their collective progress and have a clearer understanding of the benefits they can obtain. 
  • Customers are provided with a broader range of options and increases the likelihood of finding savings that appeal to them.


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