Shopify account points




Easily allow customers to view their pending or active points balances through their Shopify account. Customers that have not yet joined your club can view how many points they have available and can sign up by clicking on the link. This feature requires manual installation onto your Shopify store.



Log into you're Galanta merchant account and navigate to the Shopify integrations page, copy the line of code highlighted in red



Sign in to the Shopify Store Admin page



Open the menu, and click on “Edit Code”



Click the section called Template/customers/account.json



Find the "sections" tab in the left navigation, and double click on it, and you will see the source code of the section. And then you can add the code.



Go back to your Galanta merchant portal and click on the "Sync Points" button



Your installation is now set up! Customers can view their points balance when they sign into their Shopify account



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