Set up Club info


Setting up the basic info for your club

Showcase your club to new and existing customers, define earning methods and allow customers to enjoy exclusive benefits.


Name and Description: Enter a name and description for you club (see example below)

Points per $1: This is how many points customers will receive per $ they spend - you can update this later 

Points example: “If you have a club set up to give 5 points every $1 spent and you create a reward in the next step that requires 500 points, a customer needs to spend $100 with your store to earn the 500 points and redeem the reward. 

Sign up bonus: You can choose to give you customers bonus upfront points for joining your club. If you do not want to offer bonus points simply set this to 0

Learn more about sign up bonus points

Benefits: In the benefits section, showcase the perks that members can unlock through their loyalty. Highlight exclusive discounts, early access to new products, birthday treats, and special offers. Emphasize how these rewards enhance their experience, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging long-term engagement with your business.

Learn more about how customers earn points and benefits


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