Send a Communication - Survey



Sending a Survey

Navigate to the communication tab from your Merchant Dashboard and click “Create Communication” 


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This time we’re going to select “Survey” from the Create Communications flow 



Choose whether you would like to send the communication to a customers through push notification, email or both.



Select the customers that you would like to send the comms to, you have the option to individually select customers or select all customers on your list



You can also choose to filter customers based on:

  • Transaction - select customer that have/have not purchased within a certain time period
  • Age - Send to a target age range
  • Gender - Filter by gender
  • Location - Choose a postcode that you would like to target
  • Occupation - Target by occupation ie. Students



Enter a title for your survey and upload an optional image 

You can also choose to allocate points to customers that complete this survey 
Tip: Surveys with points have a higher engagement rate!

Choose the number of stars a customer can select and label the grading options



Review your Survey and click submit to send!



Viewing Results

On your communications tab click "View" to see the results of your Survey



Once a customer completes their response they’ll receive the bonus points and you’ll be able to view their response here.



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