Send a Communication - Message



Send a Communication Message 

Navigate to the Communication tab from your Merchant Dashboard and click “Create Communication” 


Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated


Choose to send either a message tagged as “Exclusive Access”, “News or Update” or “Promotions and Discounts”

This helps to rank the message on the customers inbox based on the type of comms they would like to see



Choose whether you would like to send the communication to a customers through push notification, email or both.



Select the customers that you would like to send the comms to, you have the option to individually select customers or select all customers on your list



You can also choose to filter customers based on:

  • Transaction - select customer that have/have not purchased within a certain time period
  • Age - Send to a target age range
  • Gender - Filter by gender
  • Location - Choose a postcode that you would like to target
  • Occupation - Target by occupation ie. Students



Enter the content for your message to engage your target audience



Review your message and click send!



Your message is sent as a push notification or email to the customer.



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