Product Points Setup and Use


Product Points

Product points are an effective tool to sell products faster or incentivise customers to try out a new product. 

Product points work by allocating bonus points to specific products that you would like to promote. Customers that purchase these items receive additional points on top of the default points that you have set up in My Club. This is a great alternative to discounts and product markdowns.

Some great examples of product points in use are:

  • Selling perishable products or end of line items
  • Encouraging customers to try a new product that you’ve introduced


Adding a product:

From your account settings click Integrations and select square



On Square select "Sync Products" to import your Square products to Galanta



Managing products

Navigate to the "Products"  section of your admin dashboard to view your imported products

Once you import a product they are automatically assigned a default value of 0, these products currently receive the points value you have set up in My club. 



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Assigning points to products

Click on the edit button next to the product you would like to assign bonus point to, set the bonus points ratio you would like to assign to this product.

If a product is set as inactive, it will give customers the default points rate set under My Club.


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