Post sales automations



Post sales automations 

Post sales automations are a great way to get direct feedback from your customers about their purchase and shopping experience.

Post sales surveys work by sending out a survey via email to customers right after they make a purchase. Customers can rate their experience out of 5 stars which you can view through your merchant dashboard, you can also allocate points to incentive prompt responses.

Some great examples of Post Sales automations are:

  • Ensuring consistent service and quality across single or multi branch stores
  • Receiving private and direct feedback from customers so you can promptly address any areas of concern 


Navigate to the Automation Tab from you Merchant Dashboard


Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated


Click “Create Automation” and select “Post Sales Survey”

You can add bonus points for customers that complete this survey, if you set this to 0 customers will not receive any points.

Tip: Adding bonus points is a great way to get more responses from customers 

Add in a title and description, this is what will be sent to customers.



Once a customer completes their purchase they will receive an email with the survey, upon completion of the survey they will receive the bonus points and their answers will be available for you to view.



Viewing the results

Navigate back to the Automation page and click show on the post sales survey you created and click "Show"



You can view the results of the surveys completed by each customer



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