How does it work for the customer?


How does it work for the customer?

Below are the pages your customer will see on the mobile app:


Customer home page: This is their discovery channel. This is where they will be able to:

  • Explore brands & rewards
  • Check out what's new & trending within their area based on their interests


When a customer clicks on a brand they’ll be able to

  • View the brand bio and website
  • View the rewards  and benefits they'll receive for joining your club
  • Click to join your club


On My Stores:

  • Customers are able to view the clubs that they are a part of
  • They’ll be able to view their points balance at each store and rewards available to them. If they have enough points they’re able to redeem a reward through here.



My messages is the customer inbox where they receive communication messages, polls and surveys



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