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How customers earn points

There are many different ways customers can points through Galanta, this section will cover the way in which customers can receive points.



Customers that have joined your club through Galanta will receive points at the ratio you have set for every $ they spend, each time they make a purchase. 

They will then be able to use these points to redeem rewards that you have set up on My Club.


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Automations offer customers a bonus points when they shop on on special days such as their Birthday, membership anniversary, holiday etc

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Product points

Product points work by allocating bonus points to specific products that you would like to promote. Customers that purchase these items receive additional points on top of the default points that you have set up in My Club.

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Happy Hour

Happy hour works by allocating bonus points to customers that shop within a specific time period. Happy hour overrides the default points ratio set up under My Club and provides customers a bonus points ratio.

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Post Sales Surveys

Post sales surveys work by sending out a survey via email to customers right after they make a purchase. Customers can rate their experience out of 5 stars which you can view through your merchant dashboard, you can also allocate points to incentive prompt responses.

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Polls and Surveys

You can incentivise your polls and surveys with bonus points that get credited to a customers accounts once they complete a poll or survey your send out to them.

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