Happy Hour Setup and Use


Happy Hour

The happy hour feature is a powerful way to drive customer spending and reduce quiet periods.

Happy hour works by allocating bonus points to customers that shop within a specific time period. Happy hour overrides the default points ratio set up under My Club and provides customers a bonus points ratio. This is a great alternative to doing sales or specials. 

Some great examples of happy hour points in use are:

  • Your store is quiet and you would like like to instantly increase customer traffic


Navigate to the My Club section of your Merchant portal and click on the "Edit" button next to club info 



Turn on the “Offer Happy Hour” button and set the new ratio of points that customers will receive and click update.



Success! Happy Hour is now available, you can turn this off by clicking edit and deactivating the happy hour button.



Happy hour works best when you send out a comms message to customers to let them know that this is available!


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