Grow your in store club


Get customers onto your program

Now that you’ve got your club and rewards program set up, you’ll want to get your customers onto you program

Galanta makes it easy for customers to join, track and redeem their rewards through the Galanta app which they can download by scanning the QR code from in store or via a download link.

If you don’t already have QR code stickers, ask us how to get them sent to your store!


A rectangular device with a screen on it

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Import customer list 

Bring customers from your exiting rewards program or CRM onto Galanta

Simply upload a CSV file with the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Points Balance

Customers joining your Galanta club will be able to maintain their existing points balance

View moving your customers guide

Offer an incentive 

Offering an incentive for customers that sign up is a great tool to incentivise customers to join your program.

You can offer a bonus points to customers that join club

View Bonus Points guide

Or you can offer a bonus reward for new customers that join.

View Zero Point incentive guide


Make an announcement 

Email and social media posts are a great way to let customers know about your Galanta program and encourage new sign ups. 

Include a link to your Galanta club in your communication so customers can 

Coupling an announcement with an incentive such as “Join our Galanta club and get 20 bonus points” is a great way to increase an uptake in sign ups. 

Sign up link guide


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