Create a Reward


Create a reward

Rewards live inside clubs. You can offer rewards on a rolling basis to customers who are part of your club. You can add as many rewards as you want once your club is set up. All rewards are connected to your Point of Sale system to ensure an easy and verifiable redemption process.


Fill in the details for your reward:

  • Select multi or single use option: By default rewards can be claimed multiple times if a customer has enough points, if you would like a reward to only be claimable once. Please turn off the "can be used multiple times" option.
  • Set the points required for customers to claim this reward: This is how many points customers need to have earned before they can claim this reward (on your club settings you can select how many points each $1 spent is worth)
  • Start date: - This is the date the reward will be visible to claim on Galanta 
  • End date (optional): You can choose to have an end date for your reward or turn on "no expiry date" to keep your reward available on Galanta until you manually turn it off
  • Title: Name your reward
  • Customer group (optional): – select the group you would like this reward to be applied, this reward will only be shown to customers in a group you previously created View customer group help here
  • Description: Provide a description for your reward



Link your Galanta reward to your POS



If you have a Square POS connected to Galanta, you will see the following options:

Square Group – select the customer group you have created on square
Square Discounts – select the discount code you have created on square




Once your club has been set up, you can link your reward to Shopify by following the step below:

Connect Shopify reward to Galanta


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