Communications are a powerful way to reach 100% of your customer base directly to share news and promotions or send out polls and surveys to get instant feedback. 

Comms work by sending a push notification, email or both to a customer to let them know that there is a new message from you. Galanta has an average open rate of 80% compared to emails and social media channels. 

Communications are separated into categories to ensure customers see what they are interested in at the top of their inbox:

Here are the different types of communication and great examples of how to use them:

  • Exclusive access: Allowing customers first access to your store or giving them the opportunity to be the first to purchase an item
  • News or updates: New products, store updates - you can be as creative as you like
  • Poll: Great for getting customer feedback before making and important business decision or introducing a new product range
  • Promotions & discounts: Vouchers, discounts, special offers
  • Survey: Great to send to customers to get their feedback on a product or experience


Who can receive comms:

Only customers who meet the following criteria will receive emails: 

  • Are currently members of your MyClub 
  • Have not been blocked from your MyClub



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